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Large size
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   Large size constructions
In the past ten years our company has fully adjusted its manufacturing capabilities and competencies to manufacture high quality steel components with weight to 100 tons. We specialize in manufacturing of various types of large steel construction fabrication.

   Pressure elements
Our company has over thirty years experience in manufacturing pressure components for the Polish and export power generation markets. We offer a wide range of pressure equipment, such as: pressure parts for power boilers and heat boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

EthosEnergy Poland S.A. diagnostic base is well suited to perform tests of steel components. We conduct destructive and non-destructive tests.

   Machining services
EthosEnergy Poland S.A. specializes in various types of machining works of the large elements (1-100 tons). Due to well- coordinated production management we are able to offer the high-quality products, meeting the European and American standards.

   Turbine elements
With the consolidation of EthosEnergy Poland S.A. into the Siemens, our scope of supply for steam turbines components has expanded. For several years we have been the manufacturer of steam turbine components in cooperation with our investor.

   Other services
One of the traditional spheres of EthosEnergy Poland S.A. operation is the manufacture of spare parts for power generation equipment, including boilers. Our company has performed such orders from over 30 years.
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