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  EthosEnergy Poland S.A.

We are a company with Polish origins, enriched by over 30 years of experience of providing services for the Polish and worldwide Power Generation markets. We specialize in the service of electric machines, HV transformers, heating and mechanical components for the Power Generation Industry.

We are a company with core competences focused on comprehensive modernization and repair of generators and services. We are a recognized company providing generator service to domestic customers as well as to the American and European markets. Our staff is well qualified and experienced in generator service.

   Steel constructions
Our capabilities and competencies allows for manufacturing of high quality steel components with weight to 100 tons. We specialize in manufacturing of various types of large steel construction fabrication. Also we specialize in various types of machining works of the large elements in scope of 1-100 tons.

   Design engineering
One of our very important activities is design of machines and equipment. We are experienced in developing design documentation for the Polish customers and the global market. We develop design documentation based on the following advanced computer-aided applications: Pro Engineer, AutoCad, Cadra, Pro/Desktop, Pro/Mechanica.

We provide a cost effective alternative to the purchase of new equipment, we can modernize, repair or upgrade a variety of high voltage transformers. We are also recognized for the manufacturing of new units for the customers' individual needs: unit transformers, network transformers, autotransformers and special transformers.

We specialize in legalization and diagnostics of generators and other rotating machines. We possess full-equipped transformer diagnostic base. We perform periodic tests, post assembly test and post failure tests of transformers with power to 630 MVA and voltage to 400 kV. Our diagnostic base is well suited also to perform tests of steel components. We conduct destructive and non-destructive tests.
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